Sher Fertility Solutions (SFS) has offices in both Manhattan, New York (Dr. Drew Tortoriello) and in Las Vegas, Nevada (Dr. Geoffrey Sher). Collectively, these two SFS Physicians have about 55 years of experience in the IVF arena and have been influential in the births of >17,000 IVF babies.  Both Drs. Sher and Tortoriello are regularly sought out by international patients who have complex reproductive medical issues.

It was against this background that about a decade ago, SFS doctors came up with a unique concept involving the creation of an online or virtual consultation service so their patients residing in remote locations can have convenient, face-to-face consultations with their treating SFS doctor, thereby preserving the personalized interaction of an in-person consultation.

Patients interested in participating can schedule a 1 hour online initial consultation by calling/emailing  Dr. Tortoriello’ s assistant  (PH: 646-792-7476; Email: or Dr. Sher’s assistant (PH:702-533-2691; Email A consultation can also be set up through the SFS website,     

Once a consultation has been scheduled, a questionnaire will immediately be forwarded to the patient for completion, along with a request for access to relevant medical records. Once received, the information will be thoroughly reviewed by your selected physician in preparation for your online consultation using Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime.  Upon completion of the consultation, a detailed report will be forwarded to the patient along with specific recommendations for treatment. If desired, a copy can also be sent to the referring doctor and/or to the patient’s primary care physician.

The provision of convenient, personalized access by patients (both in-person, as well as online) to our physicians has helped make SFS a destination of choice for the treatment of infertility and pregnancy loss. 


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